About Troy Mini Storage

In_front_of_100's_b_2History of Troy Mini Storage

Troy Mini Storage has a history of providing safe reliable storage with it’s customers.  Many of our Units have been long term rentals and due to our competitive pricing are very often considered for most storage needs.

Having just purchased Troy Mini Storage in 2013, new Owner Timothy Stebbins is determined to meet your needs with our facility.  Timothy is located in Marlborough, NH where he also owns and operates Stebbins Spectacular Painting.  Tim is a family man with three beautiful children and a wife.  Tim understands the value of home and belongings and it is with that he takes pride in providing affordable storage for your valuable items.

Currently security is provided at our Units with Camera’s operating 24/7 to ensure your items safety.

Having approval for additional units, Tim has plans to make this facility available for all storage needs in the future.  At this time our largest Unit is 10×30.  When researching Unit providers in the area, we found few that offer this size.  Our plan is to get bigger.  Eventually the goal of Troy Mini Storage is to provide you a place to store your large mobile homes, boats, work trucks, equipment and vehicles in a self locking, completely secure location.